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MarMotion high precision Rotary Stroke Bearings are the bearings of choice for backlash-free linear,

rotary or combined movements where precision is essential, like

machine building

optical engineering

pick & place technology

medical technology

printing and textile machines


semiconductor machines








High-precision rotary stroke bearings can be used in all industries wherever stroke or rotary movements – even both  simultaneously – need to be performed 





   Technical      Information


Information for the design engineer

Design and function of the Rotary Stroke Bearing

Notes on design and installation

Information about service life and maintenance





Description of guide shafts, ball cages and guide bushes including order information 





Detailed catalogue with information on design, engineering and purchasing - also available as CD ROM with CAD data





Frequently asked questions and answers about MarMotion Rotary Stroke Bearings





News about MarMotion high-precison Rotary Stroke Bearings
Product information, exhibitions, promotion

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