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Digimar Height Measuring Instruments is ideal in the workshop, on the production line and in the inspection room. They are simple to operate, fast and accurate 

Mahr offers a complete product range. From the simpliest Height and Scribing Measuring Instrument to the high end motorized measuring station with 2D measuring functions 



Marameter is the ideal indicating measuring instrument for high precision internal and external measurements of on either individual parts or on serial components. Our indicating measuring instruments obtain the best results due to their constant measuring force, their exact transmission lever system as well as their high parallelism on the measuring faces. For special measuring tasks such as threads, teeth, grooves or precision mechanical parts Marameter offers the right solution 



MarCal Calipers are available as digital or mechanical  instruments. We have an appropriate caliper for all     your application requirements. The new generation of Mahr calipers is the 16 EW, a waterproof (IP67)          digital caliper which enables measurement even in      the most most extreme conditions



MarCator Indicators are available as digital or dial versions. From the classic dial indicator to the newest  digital indicators, Mahr offers the best solution for every measuring task 



The new flexible MarConnect USB ready interface      from Mahr. Simplifies both data transmission to a PC and enables quick and universal assembly of a          multiple measuring station
Our new digital hand measuring instruments have a MarConnect interface. Regardless of which interface standard you use, whether USB, Opto RS232 or Digimatic, MarConnect will always provide you with the optimal connection 


MarForm Formtesters are the ultra-high precision form measuring systems from Mahr. They are used whenever and wherever information on the geometry of close toleranced work pieces is required. ISO 1101 calls characteristics such as roundness, cylindricity, straightness, parallelism, etc. deviations of form and position. These characteristics are monitored by Formtesters. Due to their high accuracy, Formtesters save costs, since the production can fully exploit the allowed tolerance ranges 


Measurement standards such as gage blocks are the basis of dimensional metrology; they are used as a setting standard for an indicating measuring instrument or applied in the calibration laboratory as a reference standard. With our accreditation from the   PTB - Physikalisch-Technischen Bundesanstalt (German metrology institute providing scientific and technical services) and the careful selection of the materials we use, we can grant you the highest possible quality 


Systems and Solutions for Gear measurement

From double flank measurement to analytical gear

analysis, from shop floor solutions to gear

lab systems


MarStand Indicator Stands, Comparator Stands and Run out Testing Equipment offer high stablity thus ensuring precise measurements; regardless of whether you are using a dial indicator, dial comparator, test indicator or a probe you will always have the best possible support 


Surface Metrology by Mahr covers roughness and contour measurement. Generally, these devices are based on the tactile stylus method. Thus, two dimensional profiles can be calculated and documented according to international standards 


For many years Mahr has been one of the leading producers of test indicators. The MarTest series of test indicators offer not only a broad product range but also a wide variety of accessories at you disposal. The sensitive computer-optimized shockproof mechanism of the test indicator ensures maximum security and precision. MarTest is also ideal for use in workshop conditions due the dial being sealed thus being impervious to the penetration of liquids 


MarTool measuring and inspection tools are indispensable aids for dimensional metrology. Their simple operation make them the most versatile instruments for daily use in the inspection room or the workshop, whether measuring an angle on a work piece or inspecting the surface plate for a height measuring instrument. With the outstanding quality from MarTool you cannot go wrong 


Today's rapid production requires systems capable of performance near product manufacturing or in a quality lab. Mahr introduces the visionary innovation of coordinate measuring machines - MarVision. Expect to find Mahr CMM's where tolerance demands excellence in precision of 2-D and 3-D geometrical inspection. Mahr as your partner in quality will meet the challenge 


Micromar Micrometers are available as digital and mechancial instruments and are ideal for measurement of external and internal dimensions. Mahr Micrometers are characterised by their precision  ground measuring spindle, carbide tipped measuring faces and robust frame construction. These features guarantee extreme precision and ensure a long lifetime 
Millimar A broad range of dimensional metrology products including matched probes and evaluation units as well as high-precision mechanical components and customer solutions for all measurement tasks arising in the field of length metrology 

Millimess is the “classic“ amongst all measuring instruments, for over 60 years the Millimess series of dial comparators is synonymous for both high precision and extreme robustness 
The newest generation digital comparator with an inductive measuring system combined with most modern state of the art digital technology enable readings as small as 0.2 µm/ 10 µinch. The practical functions such a dynamic measurements, a combined analog and digital display as well as the easy to use data transmission rounds off the           complete Millimess spectrum 


Regardless of whether gears, threads, cones or grooves are to be measured: the variety of Multimar Universal Measuing Instruments combined with a broad range of accessories offer an optimal solution for nearly all internal and external measurements 

Precimar stands for dimensional instruments of the highest precision. These machines and devices are for absolute and relative measurement of precision    products and test equipment. Typical applications are products and test equipment for the aerospace and automotive industry as well as testing of test equipment in calibration laboratories 

Precimar products enable you to reliably measure and test lengths, outer and inner diameters, gage blocks, cylindrical and conical threads, dial indicators, dial comparators, probes etc. up to the nanometer scale with highest precision 

Flexible measurement – fast and reliable
Highly precise and faster than ever before


Customer Solutions

Gages made for specialized custom applications


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