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The FOUNDRY-MASTER range of stationary optical emission spectrometers for process-control and chemical analysis of metals.

Engineered for high analytical flexibility, the stationary spectrometers FOUNDRY-MASTER offer the ideal, cost-effective solution for all metal producing and metal processing industries.

Thanks to the modular system of the FOUNDRY-MASTER range, each stationary analyser is ideally addressing different customers' needs and requirements:

  • FOUNDRY-MASTER Compact - the basic model for the analysis of non-ferrous metals and their alloys
  • FOUNDRY-MASTER Xline - the reliable entry level laboratory spectrometer for the precise detection of all relevant elements in Fe and other matrices.
  • FOUNDRY-MASTER UV - the well-established spectrometer supporting hundreds of customers worldwide with fast, easy and precise analysis of ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • FOUNDRY-MASTER Xpert - introduced in 2011, this analyser in the FOUNDRY-MASTER RANGE covers even elements like Lead, Selenium and Lanthanum

All FOUNDRY-MASTER analysers strive to bring-out the optimum analysis work day after day. The robust, rugged and proven OES quality is common to all FOUNDRY-MASTER spectrometers. Their compact design allows close-up proximity to the production line and thus speeding up analysis time.

The stationary metal analysers FOUNDRY-MASTER range offers:

  • Ease-of-use and simplicity
  • Highest analytical performance
  • Outstanding price-performance ratio

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PMI to Go – OES Metal Analysis in Hard to Reach Places

Oxford Instruments newly introduced PMI-MASTER Smart is the first truly portable optical emission spectrometer for metal analysis.

Thanks to its light weight and small size, the PMI-MASTER Smart can be conveniently carried, making the analysis independent, especially in hard to reach places. Despite its compact dimensions it offers high analysis performance.

The rechargeable battery pack provides enough power for 7 h in standby or the analysis of some hundred samples in SPARK and/or ARC mode. The PMI-MASTER Smart can also be operated using the external power supply/charger, with or without battery and even when recharging the battery pack.

Due to minimised Argon consumption a 1l bottle is sufficient for several analysis (Linde Ecocyl recommended). For more intensive use a cart, holding a 10l bottle, is available.

What makes the PMI-MASTER Smart different to other mobile analysers?

  • Can be effortlessly carried around with only 15 kg / 33 lbs weight (other mobile analysers can only be pushed or pulled)
  • Full range analysis functions despite compact size
  • Guaranteed stable measurement results even in motion and under temperature changes thanks to patent pending optics
  • Easy to travel with: the transport cases fit into any standard car boot
  • Ready to ship
  • Truly cordless with long-lasting battery pack and optional replacement battery

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