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Product range overview


(X-Strata920: is a robust, cost effective, and high performance X-ray fluorescence (XRF

.analyser for measurement of coating thickness and material composition


X-Strata980: combines a high power X-ray tube and high resolution detector

.to deliver low limits of detection and thin coating analysis


Manufacturer link:  http://www.oxford-instruments.com/laboratory-coating-thickness




          Multi-layer metallic coating thickness measurement

          Alloy identification

          Composition analysis of up to 15 elements simultaneously

          Plating solution analysis

          Rapid, non-destructive gold karat assay

           instrument configurations to accommodate various sample sizes


X-Strata920 - Three Configurations to suit your needs:



  Standart  Base                                        Mini-Well Base                                    Programable XY Base





          Simultaneous multi-layer coating thickness and/or composition analysis

          (Rapid analysis of hazardous substances (RoHS, ELV, WEEE, Pb in toys and children's products

          Alloy identification and chemistry analysis

          Non destructive gold and precious metals karat assay

          Detection of counterfeit electronics parts

          Multi-element plating solution analysis

          Giant chamber for the analysis of large samples

           X-Strata980 2                    X-Strata980 3                         X-Strata980 4

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